In 1960, Courier satellite had a way with words
Proof of concept: Courier took dictation at a rate of about 68,000 words per minute, as the U.S. Army Signal Corps continued a streak of aerospace-related advances.

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Hopper vehicle could explore Mars by jumping
Martian hopscotch, anyone? Bouncing vehicles proposed by Draper Laboratory could cover dozens of miles on Mars with a few leaps.

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Google acquires mobile-typing company
You're not the only one dissatisfied with typing on mobile phones. Google buys BlindType, a start-up that hopes to make things better.

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Beyond the cruiser: Designing tomorrow's bikes
If any of the winning designs from the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 actually hit the pavement, bikes will pedal even further toward the futuristic than they already have.

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Ig Nobels honor research on cursing, bat sex, socks
Awards given out this year for studies on sex lives of fruit bats, whale snot, treating asthma with roller coaster rides, and swearing that's good for you.

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Robot mannequin helps shoppers find the right fit
Want to see how that shirt will fit before buying it online? Enlist the aid of a shape-shifting robo-mannequin, part of a new virtual dressing room setup from Estonian start-up

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House goes with Senate on NASA funding bill
The House of Representatives approves the Senate's version of NASA's 2011 funding proposal, calling for an extra shuttle flight, development of commercial launchers, and a new heavy-lift rocket.

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Could newly discovered planet sustain life?
Gliese 581g is just the right distance from its host star to enjoy temperatures hospitable to water in liquid form--and thus be hospitable to life, researchers say.

Tracking the flu by tracking the tweets
Computer scientists find that monitoring microblogging services such as Twitter is more effective and less expensive than the old-fashioned "syndromic surveillance" approach in predicting outbreaks.

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Eurocopter concept puts new spin on autogyro
The Eurocopter Group has built a mash-up of helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft--the X3--that it hopes will eventually fly at a zippy 220 knots.

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